Thursday, June 26, 2014

seeing red

I have to admit that a lot of the outfits I have worn so far aren’t very current. While I’d love to keep shopping for new clothes especially since the fashion-obsessed in me can’t help but lust over so many pretty things, my practical side keeps whispering in my ear that I shouldn’t. I have things hanging in my closet that I am still in love with and I have decided that they need to make an appearance on my blog before any madness ensues (you know what I’m talking about, hahaha)!
That being said, I remember perusing Atlantic Pacific’s blog and saw her in a stunning red midi skirt awhile back. All of sudden, I was reminded that I do, infact, have one too and have not worn it in over a year! While it isn’t as amazing as her’s, I thought  "hey, you old little red skirt, this might be your turn to inspire those ladies whose skirts have been tucked away for years and have not seen the light of day!"  So starting today, I declare, shop your closets, ladies!! J
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Top: Nordstrom BP      Skirt: HM      Shoes: Dolce Vita       Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs      Watch: Marc Jacobs      

Thursday, June 19, 2014

almost summer


Seattle has been quite the moody one lately.  It can’t seem to make up it’s mind on what it wants to be, chilly  in the morning so you bundle up somewhat, but as soon as you step out of your building at the end of a work day, you realize that you are inappropriately dressed for what the weather has turned out to be… oh well! Lol. Nevertheless, summer is next week and we all just need to bust out those sweet, summery colors. One of my favorite things about the sun being out is being able to wear skirts and dresses again and the feeling of satisfaction when heavy winter clothes are finally being stashed away! So here is the beginning of my hopefully color-filled and vibrant summer. Wait.. on second thought, I don’t wanna be ripped for wearing black with my fun skirt, so scratch that idea! I’ll begin when it really starts to legitimately feel like summer around here. J  
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Top: Forever 21      Skirt: HM      Shoes:       Bag: Rebecca Minkoff       Watch: Michael Kors

Thursday, June 12, 2014

blushin' and distressin'

I think this title is corny. Lol. It cracks me up that deep down, this title makes me somewhat cringe and giggle at the same time, hahaha.  Enough about that!  I have I always referred to this blazer  as my blush blazer and the jeans, well, they are obviously distressed jeans (so popular right now!), hence the title. I snagged mine from a consignment store for just $10… $10!!! Such a steal, I was ecstatic! I was thinking of how I personally wanted to style my jeans and decided to go the “unstructured” route. I tried a few tops that one would’ve instinctively pick to pair with these jeans but after a few futile, dissatisfying attempts, I thought well maybe I can make this loose, asymmetrical Asos top and an equally loose blazer work with a really casual pair of jeans…. I think I just did. J Turned out to be a good day after all.

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Jacket: Forever 21   Top: ASOS   Bottoms: thrifted   Shoes: Sole Society    Bag: Rebecca Minkoff     Watch/Jewelry: Michael Kors/Jewelmint
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Monday, June 9, 2014

office appropriate




I had worn this outfit to work, unsure of whether my cousin and I were going to be able to shoot at the end of the day. We decided at the last minute that we would, and since I always have a pair (or two J ) of heels stashed in the trunk of my car, I told myself “why not?” and decided to just go ahead and shoot what I had worn to work that day. For years, I have always separated clothes/outfits  that I decided were appropriate for work from the ones I would wear on a casual/fun /dressier occasions.  Since the more “fun” clothes were strategically placed in the deep recesses (okay, maybe not even deep at all lol) of my closet, I never get to see them when I am running around like a headless chicken EVERY single morning. One day, I decided that maybe I should stop with labeling which articles are for what occasion and just get the heck dressed, look appropriate for work and be on time!!!  So if you are the same way as I am and stuck in an office wardrobe rut, take a less boring piece from your more “fun” clothes and find yourself  MAYBE smiling more for the rest of the day  … or not, lol!


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Top/Bottoms: HM    Shoes: Dolce Vita   Watch: Marc Jacobs     Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Photos by Tim Calamiong (Instagram: @calamiong)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

sunday best



I can’t remember if it was hubby or my cousin that said I needed a dress as my next post because all I have posted so far are bottoms. I purchased this dress awhile back from on a whim, hoping that it would fit since it had been such a sweet deal. I was ecstatic upon trying it on, fell in love with how much it fitted me but alas, have only been able to wear it once! So thank goodness for this blog, I was able to take this dress for a second spin! J

But the pièce de résistance of this outfit, in my opinion, are the gold-heeled booties. I know, I know,  sounding very partial to it but I just looove that particular detail of the shoe. I was cracking up the first time I saw them but a little later I decided that I might just like them enough to try them on and well, you know the rest of the story, Cinderella wanna-be has found her sparkly shoes, hahaha.  Or in this case, shiny heels. I do apologize for the lack of close-up shots of the heels, for those of you that are interested. I love them so much right now that they will keep reappearing on my next posts until the heel loses its luster, haha!

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Dress: ASOS     Shoes: Tildon from Nordstrom      Bag: Prada  Saffiano