Monday, October 20, 2014



To be honest, I would never be caught dead  wearing a dress or a skirt WITHOUT any tights in the middle of October in Seattle… but these pictures were shot earlier.  There. That is my excuse. Kidding  aside, this dress is one of my favorite Fall-appropriate dresses that I own. Not that it is a heavy, heat insulating fabric nor is it warm enough to be worn on it’s own when the temperature drops but this Ikat print just makes me think of Fall, don’t ask me why. I usually wear this with black tights and heels or booties, kind of that staple cold-weather outfit for us that try to dress up in unfavorable conditions.  I sometimes find myself too lazy to accessorize at this time of the year because all the pretty accessories just tend to get buried underneath a pile of massive scarves and bulky coats but I just had to throw in this chunky necklace to make this outfit less boring. 

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Photos by Tim Calamiong (Instagram: @calamiong)


Sunday, October 12, 2014

comfy as can be + $300 piperlime giveaway!

Ugh, after so much resistance on my part, fall has finally arrived in Seattle. I know because I am obviously wearing a sweater on this post, lol.  Sarcasm aside, I hate to admit that Fall has taken over Summer as my favorite season and with that said, I am just as excited as other fall lovers out there to finally take that soft, comfy sweater out of hiding and slide it over  my head while my hot tea and my fleece blanket await me. I decided that these transition-to-fall  floral jeans are my way of saying ‘I hate to see summer go’ which I honestly do (cannot really make up my mind over which season it is that I like better!!). My go-to fall uniform is a loose sweater over skinny jeans so it is only fair to usher in my Seattle fall donning this outfit! I have also participated along with several other amazing blogging  in a giveaway to win a $300 PIPERLIME gift card. To enter, check out the details below, click on the rafflecopter giveaway link and you are on you way to winning the gift card!!

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Sweater: Urban Outfitters    Jeans: Uniqlo    Shoes: a gift from a sweet friend :)     Bag: Prada    Necklaces: Jewelmint/gift from another friend    Watch: Michael Kors

I am so excited to bring you this lovely giveaway with these amazing bloggers! This giveaway is open internationally! :) good luck!

                                                   Host: Fashion By Mariah

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Monday, October 6, 2014

carrie bradshaw moment + styling Tulle for fall

Today, my blogger BFF Rhea of and I  decided to do something  fun and share with y’all our take on the Tulle skirt. We never talked about what our outfits look like or how we styled them but I loved how it turned out when I saw our pictures side by side! The contrast between Rhea’s beautifully styled ultra-feminine, dreamy pastel-colored tulle and my darker ensemble made this little collaboration of ours perfect.  Head on over to Rhea’s blog at to see how she styled her Tulle skirt!

Admit it, we’ve all had our fair share of envisioning  ourselves wearing a tutu since the day we’ve laid eyes on Carrie’s pink tutu from Sex and the city.  Okay, maybe not a tutu but doesn’t that TV show just make you want it too? Hahaha, maybe not but I’ve gotten myself one around 2 years back but when I brought it home, hubby was laughing at it!! I know he doesn’t know squat about tulle skirts but I ended up returning it anyway. I still wanted to rock one though so when I saw this navy number at a consignment store, decided to take it home because 1) it was a great deal  2) I thought since it is a darker color, I can pull it off better with no laughing spouse in the background and  3) if I ended looking like a Disney character, I wouldn’t feel so bad about this purchase.  As it turns out, it didn’t look too bad! Infact, I think it is rather cute without looking overly sweet. This is probably how I want my Carrie Bradshaw (SATC opening credits) moment to look like. J

            Top: HM    Skirt: from a consignment shop    Shoes: Zara    Bag: Rachel Roy at Macy's     Watch: Coach